Packages: Bi color LED light panels.

  • GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio 3-Video Light Kit -bi color LEDs
  • 3 x 800D-RGB LED Studio Video Light
  • 3 x Light Stand
  • 3 x Soft Diffuser
  • 3 x Barn Doors
  • 3 x Power Adapter and Cable (110-240V) or battert operated
Sandie West Venice Beach

Retro: Mole-Richardson Tweenie II 650 Watt Fresnel Tungsten Lights with barn doors~Mole-Richardson Baby-Baby 1000 Watt Fresnel Tungsten Light with sturdy Studio C stands & sandbags.

Sandie Chair of Venice Media District

Soft Boxes: For video or photography.

The softboxes maintains good reflective performance in a relatively closed softbox environment and under long-term bulb heating. Thus, the softbox can scatter the light, provide the ultimate soft light beam and remove shadows to take perfect pictures. The softbox does not release unpleasant odors when the bulb is continuously lighting.